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DIY Miniature Tokyo Alley - Bookshelf Memories - DIY Booknook
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Our New Book Nook 3D DIY Kit

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Immerse yourself in the charm of Tokyo's alleys with our unique DIY Book Nook Kit. Create your own miniature Tokyo Alley scene and bring the magic of Japan into your home.


Crafted with passion, designed to amaze, and built to inspire endless enjoyment.


Easy And rewarding assembly


A Visual Masterpiece In Every Detail

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Based on a true story

This miniature bookend puzzle captures the essence of Tokyo's vibrant alleys, from ramen bars to bookstores showcasing diverse architecture, intimate atmospheres, and endless exploration.


Stress-Free Building Experience

Where quality meets comfort, unwind in your creative flow, surrounded by high-quality miniature decorations and materials.


Mood Lighting That Will Have All Your Guests Talking

No electrician skills needed. Multiple captivating light sources for an enjoyable and easy assembly experience, designed by our expert engineers.


Download our free Japan Guide

7 Day Itinerary

A carefully researched and curated guide for a 7 day trip to Japan.

Includes a Google maps list that you can save and use while you travel.

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Discover Your Next Escape

Discover treasures of the past and future as our book nooks guide you through nostalgia and exploration.


Perfect for Two, Date Night Approved

Escape to romance with our date night book nook, a world of enchantment in miniature. Perfect for two.


A Relaxing Phone Free-Activity 

Discover tranquility in the art of building. Let your mind unwind as you create.


Our Story

The first thing you should know about us is that we love traveling. We love giving good gifts, and we love spending our money on experiences above all else.

The idea for Bookshelf Memories started more than 2 years ago when a friend who had just bought a DIY Book Nook kit for his fiance because it reminded them of their travels across the world. We wanted to remember our travels in a unique way as well.

As soon as we were introduced to book nooks, we were hooked. Over the next two years, we got deep into Book Tok, and learned all about the world of minatures and DIY Kits. We designed, tested, and produced the best book nook available on the market. We believe you'll spend weeks staring at it every time you look at your bookshelf.


There is so much to love about book nooks, and a whole world of people that could benefit from the benefits they bring. Thank you for supporting our small business and for bringing more travel and experiences into the world. 

“We'll only regret the things we never took the chance to do and to experience” - Eric, Founder Bookshelf Memories

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