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DIY Miniature Tokyo Alley - Bookshelf Memories - DIY Booknook
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Travel Japan By Train: - Bookshelf Memories

Travel Japan By Train:

Visiting Japan requires planning how to get around. The fastest is on Bullet Trains (Shinkansen). For a slower pace, there's sightseeing tours aboard Joyful Trains, and for an authentic Japanese experience, there are cruise trains aboard luxury sleepers complete with gourmet Japanese dining on board!
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The Top 10 Japanese Dishes and Where to Find Them - Bookshelf Memories

The Top 10 Japanese Dishes and Where to Find Them

Every prefecture in Japan has speciality dishes. As you travel around, there are unique culinary surprises to experience. From Kaiseki in Kyoto where there's a long tradition of fine dining like a noble to the street food vendors in Fukuoka renowned for  Tonkotsu ramen. Discover the best dishes by prefecture here.
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