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Gift Ideas for the Bookworms' Birthday in Your Life

Birthday gifts for those of importance in your life always seem to get trickier. You don’t want to go with the same old, yet, the more you know about them, you realize, there’s nothing they really need! What can you get someone that’ll be meaningful, functional, appreciated and not a waste of money?

9 Uber Personal Birthday Gifts for Bookworms

1. A bath tray

using a bath tray to read a book in the bath
For those who like to read in the bath, or would like to, there’s a knack to it because without prepping, the pages would get wet. A worst-case scenario would be dropping the book in the bath tub. For those not clued into how readers bathe with books, they use a bath tray to sit the book on and they keep at least one hand dry to turn the pages. For the serious bookworms, they’ll also have a small hand towel nearby so that if their hands do get wet, they can quickly dry them to turn the pages. If you know they have a bath tray, and they enjoy reading in the bath, the logical gift would a book themed hand towel to accompany the tray. 

2. A drinking vessel

different styles of drinks glasses as ideas for birthday gifts
Gifts can be personalized based on a person’s favorite drink. For travel buffs, a 20 oz. tumbler with a bookish theme design would be the ideal gift as they could use that to take their favorite drinks on their walks, or have their morning coffee on the train. Book themed glass cups with lids and straws may be the better gift option for those who like to read on the sofa as the lid reduces the risk of spilling any liquids on the book. Prefer a wine, or a bottle of bubbly in the bath? Opt for book themed glassware, such as a wine glass, or a champagne flute. For whiskey connoisseurs, you can get custom printed rocks glasses, or book themed hip flasks.

3. Give the Gift of Forest Bathing

woman in forest as an illustration of the shinrin-yoku practice - forest bathing

Forest bathing is a concept gifted to the world from Japan where it’s called shinrin-yoku. It’s the practice of connecting with nature. Sort of a mindfulness experience where you meditate in the forest, paying attention to all the small details. The scents, the textures, the sounds, and the sights. It’s been around for years, but the Japanese popularized it as an antidote to the tech boom in the 1990s while also protecting the countries forests.

A study across 24 forests in Japan found that the practice of shinrin-yoku helped to lower cortisol levels, slow pulse rates, and lower blood pressure. For those interested in the unique Japanese culture, consider some of ther best Japanese gifts for bookworms that'll be more meaningful as a birthday gift. The most basic of a shinrin-yoku gift would be a forest themed scented candle. There are entire forest bathing gift sets you can buy, as well as experiences that can be booked - guided or solo.

4. Give a book with a heart-warming inscription

An example of how to inscribe a book to give a personal touch to a special gift

Arne List, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A book is considered the most personal gift you can give a person. You don’t need to inscribe a message inside it, but if you don’t, you’re missing out on a real advantage of book gifting. It’s letting a person know that you know them enough to understand that they’re likely to like this book you’re giving them. An inscribed book can be a great alternative to a traditional birthday card. The only difference is you’re writing your message in the book instead of inside a card. Instead of a card getting tossed in a drawer, a book can be displayed on a bookshelf or coffee table.

All you need to do is write who it’s from, date it, and include your birthday message. As for where to write a book inscription, if it’s a hardback, that’s easy. Write on the end papers. Those are usually patterned and the first pages you see when you open the book. For paperbacks, you can either write on the reverse of the front cover, or on a page early that isn’t cluttered with text, such as the Foreword page. Usually, the Title page has the most white space making it ideal for inscribing.

5. A custom book print from Litographs

a screenshot of the litographs website where books are printed onto textile gifts using lithography
Litographs is a brand catering exclusively to gifts for bookworms. They use all-over dye sublimation to cover every inch of fabric in text from books, and that’s what’s beautiful about the concept. It’s a bespoke gift that involves printing stories on scarves, t-shirts, hoodies, blankets, posters, and more. For those who like to read outdoors, or during their commute, a scarf may be the ideal gift. For others who prefer to snuggle up on the sofa, a blanket may be the better choice. Tailor the gift to the persons preferred reading style.

6. Make a Pull Tab Origami Envelope Card

illustration of an oragami envelope
Traditional birthday cards are a dime a dozen. You can do so much better with any type of personalized card . For anyone into scrapbooking, and/or origami, (a popular Japanese craft for adults) you could make them one of the most cherished gifts they’d never expect. A pull tab origami envelope card with a handwritten message on the inside. It’s the perfect keepsake that’s sure to make its way into their scrapbook to keep cherished for years.

7. Put together an ultimate bookworms basket of gifts

books in a gift basket attached to a bicycle
Gift baskets are a huge market, yet they’re so easy to create and personalize. You can buy craft baskets in a wide variety of sizes and bundle together a range of literature gifts. From a book with an inscription, a bottle to enjoy while reading, and a personalized glass to pour the drink into. Drop in any other items the person would appreciate, be that cuff links, pins, a mechanical pencil.

8. Bookshelf or accessories for them

invisible book shelves with books laid flat and stacked

Image courtesy: rekha6 (Flickr), CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Bookworms usually have to have bookshelves, but even those who do, may find they could be doing with a little more shelf space, or some nick nacks to help them decorate a bookshelf. Some shelf designs are made to be compact with a slight lip to the front to prevent books from falling off. The reality of “invisible shelves” is that they’re metal brackets that’ll accommodate a lay flat bookshelf design. Shelves on their own aren’t much of a gift, however, when you combine an invisible shelf with an accessory, the person to use them can stack a few a few books per shelf and finish the look off with an accessory, such as a vase, succulent plant, desk ornament, or light.

9. Book nook or a DIY book nook kit

illustration of what an illuminated bookshelf insert looks like
For those who like puzzling, the DIY book nook kit will let them build their own book nook to cherish for a lifetime. These are fantastic for bookshelf decor, particularly light up book nooks as they draw the eye toward the miniature world hidden within the shell of a book on the shelf. Book nooks, ready assembled, are expensive. There’s more fun to be had, and the pleasant feeling of fulfillment having built something by hand.