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9 Great Gifts for Bookworms of All Ages

Gifts are more meaningful when they’re personal. For someone who loves books, the perfect gift is rarely going to be more books, a subscription to mystery reads, another tote bag, mug, or the highly impersonal gift card that’s like putting cash in a money wallet and letting them buy what they need. There’s little thought involved.

Discover 9 of the Best Gifts for Bookworms 

1. A Reading Journal

woman writing a journal entry

Readers have a lot to get through. Their “To Be Read” list can feel endless, leading them to thunder through chapters and miss out on the fundamental experience. A reading journal can be an aid to improve the reading experience. It forces contemplation. Sections can be included for book reviews - things I liked, things I didn’t like, reading goals for the year, books that have been lent out, returned, and pages for book titles that weren’t finished, and the reason(s) why a book made it to the DNF (Did Not Finish) list. For anyone to have more books than they have the time to read them, a reading journal may be the best gift that helps them plan their reading time for the weeks and months ahead.

2. Book Sleeves

illustration of a book within a sleeve as a protective book cover

Book sleeves make perfect gifts for people who read on the go. Paperbacks can be easily damaged when tossed in a backpack or purse. Book sleeves protect the pages from being damaged. For the introverted types who prefer to keep their interests to themselves, away from prying eyes, the sleeves shield the book title offering privacy when reading on the train, bus, flight, or even just reading in the café. For frequent travelers, there are designs similar to laptop sleeves that have integrated pockets for accessories like pens, devices, a diary or notepad, and earbuds.

3. Book Folding Patterns

pages of a book folded into a heart shape

Book folding is essentially folded book art - making shapes by folding the pages in specific ways. It's one of many tech-free hobbies book fans can be creative with using what they already have.  The process is just measuring and folding pages - one by one - to create a 3D design when the book is opened. Consider this an advanced version of the Japanese craft origami. Instead of making things with a single sheet of paper, it’s making things with a book by folding the pages. Once the folds are done, when the book is partially opened, it becomes shelf décor. The pages show a 3D design of whatever the book folding pattern was for. A dog, cat, butterfly, dragon, lantern, or any short word or number that would be meaningful.

4. Pens and/or Post-its for Fans of Annotation

book with Post-it flags between pages for annotating and marking

Not everyone is a fan of annotation. Some view it as ruining the books for future readers, others swear by it, viewing it as a part of completing a book… Underlining prose they love, highlighting new words they come across, and adding footnotes to clarify meanings and understand passages. The style of annotation is personal. Some will only use Post-it notes, others prefer a certain style of pen, perhaps light pastel shades as opposed to neon markers. The essential is to opt for light pens to prevent the ink from bleeding through to the next page in the book. Better yet is to gift an annotation pack consisting of Sticky Notes Flags Tabs, and colored pens or pencils.

5. A Reading Pillow

woman reading in bed with a reading pillow for comfort and back support

A sizable proportion of U.S. readers cite reading to be part of their bedtime routine. Some people prefer to read before bed, others in bed. The trouble is that standard pillows are designed for neck and back support when lying down. Not sitting up in bed reading. Reading pillows help maintain posture when sitting upright in bed. It beats leaning on a headboard for back support. Different types offer different levels of support. Some are for lumbar support only, others have headrests and armrests for added comfort.

6. A Blanket

woman wrapped in a fleece blanket reading a book

For those who like to read before getting tucked into bed, a blanket may just be the perfect gift. Something they can snuggle up with on the sofa or their reading chair. Any blanket can be a reading blanket. Don't be led by labels like personalized "reading" blankets, The only prerequisite is that it's soft and warm. There's a certain comfort to snuggling up under a blanket to get lost in a good book. You can find blankets for almost any theme. For example, for those with a fondness of Japanese art, you can find anime fleece throws, and Japanese cherry blossom blankets. 

7. Collectible Editions of Classic Book Titles

decorative leatherbound books arranged on a bookshelf

There are books for reading and then there are display books. Collectors editions are the types that adorn decorative bookshelf displays with leather-bound and cloth-bound covers. These are designs with gilt edges on the pages and decorative gold tooling on the covers and spine. Fans of book nook kits would be delighted to have the look of antiquated books surrounding a book nook, giving the display a more authentic vibe.

8. A book Nook Kit

illustration of a bookshelf insert with books on either side on a shelf

Speaking of book nooks, for those already with shelves filled with books, the book nook kit is a 3D puzzle that once completed, can be used as a personalized display piece among books on shelves. It has the design of a standard book, but instead of opening it to read, you look inside to see a miniature world of whatever the theme of the book nook is. Some can be magical kingdoms suited to fans of young adult fantasy books, others can be replicas of cities like our DIY Tokyo Alley book nook kit that'd be appreciated by people who travel.

9. Make a Custom Hamper with Smaller Literary Gifts

illustration of a gift basket with literary gifts

With so many gifts for bookworms to choose from, it may be easier to use multiple smaller gifts to create a bespoke hamper of sorts filled with bookish gifts. You can find everything from literary teas, library card socks, bookmarks for all genres, page holders, keychains (ideal for attaching to book sleeves), literary candles that give the scent of a library, and book embossers to put a personal stamp on books. Anything that can be enjoyed while reading would be a great gift for bookworms.

Disclaimer: Images used are for illustration purposes only.