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Best Book Nook Kits for Adults

Building book nook kits is a creative, fun, and educational hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. For adults, or even young adults aged 14+, there’s far more than a 3D puzzle can be built. Kits for tweens, teens, and adults have a lot more going on under the hood. There’s wiring kits, heat shrink tubing to disguise the cables, and if you’re up for something even more challenging, you can take the DIY book nook craft to a whole new level by making your own miniatures.

What starts as a single hobby can be a gateway into multiple more related hobbies. From learning CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, to 3D printing with specialist resin such as TGM-7 that’s popular for creating miniatures used in tabletop gaming. The world of miniature modeling is still relatively young. Chances are, when you begin building book nooks from scratch, there’ll be things you want to include that don’t exist. When that’s the case, you can invent them.

That being said, there’s more to puzzling and design to book nooks. The best book nook kits for adults can offer more than a pastime. They can be bespoke memorabilia - not to be confused with a collectible. Memorabilia is nostalgic, has memories associated with the item, and tales associated with the experience. Book nooks are Bookshelf Memories and it’s how our first DIY Book Nook Kit (Tokyo Alley) came about. You can read about all that and more on our About Us page here.

Going beyond the Bookshelf: A Boost to Your Mental Wellbeing

painting a miniature figurine - part of model building

Numerous studies over the years discuss therapeutic benefits to all manner of arts and crafts. From reduced stress levels, improvements to mental agility, fine and gross motor movements, to decreased levels of cognitive decline in seniors. Arts and crafts is a really broad category though, and there are many types of projects one can incorporate into a book nook project.

With a single DIY book nook kit for beginners, not much imagination or problem-solving is required. You get everything needed supplied in the kit, follow the instructions, put the puzzle together, then bask in the glory of accomplishment as your book nook takes center stage on your bookshelf, all illuminated. A sense of accomplishment can’t be understated. It’s a real boost to your mind.

Therapeutic Advantages of Crafting Book Nook kits for Adults

Our lives are hectic. Anything we can use to dial down the noise of life is a welcome distraction. It’s why social media (actually, any media) dominates our lives. More of us need to connect with things off line. Things that are tangible, provide meaning, and help us develop skills for life. Like patience, and resilience to see things through. One study into hobbies found that new hobbies have a shelf-life of just 16-months.

Variety is the key to sticking with something. With book nooks, you have a wealth of variety. A single beginner kit is enough to practice. Ten hours is plenty of time to assemble everything in a kit, including wiring the lighting and powering it up.

When you start a new hobby, it takes approximately 20 hours become good enough to stick with it. Take drawing for example… chances are, if you judge your drawing abilities to be akin to a fourth grader, you’ll be unmotivated to push through the learning barrier after miserable first attempts.

Learning a new skill takes about 20 hours. The 10,000 hours thing is about mastering a craft. To be good enough to build a book nook from scratch, you’d be learning a wide variety of skills. CAD software for 3D printing the items that haven’t been invented that you want to include, making furniture from wood, molding miniatures out of clay, and tinkering with light positions to create different shadow effects.

The creative ingenuity of miniatures opens up a world of possibilities. Possibilities that you can take, make, and design your custom book nook, or customize a kit to create your own personalized Bookshelf Memories.

The Best Book Nook Kits for Adults Make You Think like a Model Builder

There’s little fulfillment in doing something that’s so easy that it’s mind-numbingly mundane. Some beginner kits are suited to young model builders, with pieces that are snap-fit simple, require little gluing, zero sanding, and perhaps no painting either. That’s a puzzle, nothing more than a 3D jigsaw. More advanced book nook kits have a more involved process to the assembly. There’s parts to paint, stickers to apply, bits to glue, wiring to do for lighting, heat shrink tubing to hide cabling, and various customizations you can tackle if you feel up to the challenge.

In the world of model builders, there are ten talents that can be used, practiced, and perfected to design your own model book nooks reminiscent of memorabilia. Something nostalgic that helps you recall memories of different places you’ve visited, the shared experiences, the culinary cuisines, and that captures the culture of an area within a miniature world enshrined on your bookshelf. That’s a skill and one that anyone, regardless of model building experience can participate in by starting with high-quality DIY book nook kit. One that provides all the materials, tools, and the instructions to assemble it.

When you start with a kit with the explanations of all the moving parts, and the order to construct the kit in, you’ll learn the initial process that you can improve upon if you ever want to do custom book nook design for anything you can imagine. If you can imagine it, you can print it with a quality resin, paint it, and place it inside of a book nook.