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Fantasy Wall Art Ideas for Decorating Bookshelves

Bookshelves can be more than a place to store books. You can make them serve double duty by being creative with the bookshelf displays, backdrops, and wall and floor space around them. Add in fantasy wall art to the mix and you can create yourself an epic reading zone, full of mystery, and intrigue. An otherworldly atmosphere perfect for settling down and getting lost in any of the books on your shelves. These are ideal for designing a themed mini-home library that makes you want to use it!

Fantasy is way more important than knowledge because knowledge is limited

~ Albert Einstein.

For those who want to create an awesome fantasy decor vibe, discover the ideas shared below that explore several options that can be used on their own, or combined for maximum aesthetic effects (and optical illusions). You can find that by personalizing your reading space, it helps to develop a reading habit.

5 Types of Fantasy Wall Art for Decorating Around Bookshelves

1. Fantasy Canvas Wall Art

reading chair with bookcases either side with a painting of mythical creatures flying around hung on the wall

Canvas paintings or prints come in a multitude of sizes from small 11” x 14” right up to 72" x 48" and you can hang them as they are. No need for a frame, but if you do want to add a little more of a creative illusion to the artwork, put it in a floater frame. It creates the illusion that the canvas is floating inside the frame.

These are available in different depths making them ideal for positioning above bookshelves. They give the backdrop some texture, color, and can set the scene that you’re trying to create. Have dragons, wizards, fairies, or mythical creatures sat above your bookshelves like guardians of your collection. The added advantage of fantasy canvas wall art is that you can swap and change the theme any time you fancy.

2. Fantasy Wall Murals

enchanted forest wall mural

Wall murals are the go-to for making the boldest of statements. These are large scale artworks that can cover the entirety of a wall. They’re used to make a feature wall for which it serves the main focal point of a room. If you have all your shelves on the one wall and collections of décor like miniature collectibles of clay figurines, 3D puzzles such as DIY book nook kits and other ornamentals on your bookshelves for display, a wall mural could be the ideal backdrop to transform the space.

The main advantage to using a wall mural is it gets far more detail included than wallpaper. If you were to paper a wall, the patterns are repetitive, just because they’re printed to be rolled for compactness. Murals can come in rolls to be joined like wallpaper, or they can be painted directly onto walls. Whatever theme you have in mind, you’re likely to find a print available. Some ideas include using enchanted forests, cosmic art of space with multiple universes, or unicorns with a blissful dreamscape backdrop. If you can’t find a mural that fits with what you envision, consider drawing your own fantasy wall art, taking a photo of it to upload to a print service, and order a custom or personalized wall mural for the size you require for your reading space.

3. Fantasy Wall Décor Accent Pieces

wall mural of an enchanted forest with a bookshelf and a metal accent wall hanging of a magician

Accent pieces are among the easiest methods of decorating bookshelves. Particularly the ones you hang on the wall rather than place on the bookshelf. It gives you more storage space on the shelf. Consider metal accent items that add to the fantasy theme you’re going for. In the illustrative picture above, there’s a wall mural of an enchanted forest theme with a metal plaque of a magician gesturing toward the bookshelf with a row of books at-the-ready for exploring. In a display like this where the mural has a play on light and dark, the darker areas would be the ideal space to decorate with a light-up book nook kit with the same theme as the rest of the decor.

4. Fantasy Art Wallpaper

bookshelves with books with a fantasy wallpaper with a space odyssey pattern as the backdrop

Wallpaper is a single design printed on long sheets of paper that’s sold in rolls that uses repetition. That’s how it differs from a wall mural. A mural is a larger picture that’s better at setting a specific scene. Fantasy wallpaper is a single design that repeats across the wall, making it ideal for setting a feature wall with the fantasy art as the backdrop surrounding your bookshelves. The other thing you can do with wallpaper is use it on the back panels of bookcases. Rather than applying it to the wall, stick it to the back board in the bookcase. For added décor, use a different pattern for the backing board of each shelf to match the designs to the genre of books on display.

5. 3D Fantasy Decals

3D decal of a smashed wall revealing a mystical fantasy world on the other side - an optical illusion

Decals or stickers are available in a range of sizes, from the smallest being suitable to decorating phone cases to the largest being the equivalent size of a wall mural, and there are designs with a 3D effect, creating an optical illusion that a smashed wall leads to another world. You can find these on marketplaces like Etsy with designs ranging from large forest designs to ocean scenes that can make you feel like you’re peering through the window of a ship out to the waters that have mythical dragons flying around. You could take things further by adding different decals to design your own fantasy world. Some of the smallest are 3D decals of tiny dragons with cute little glasses that stick to kickboards making it appear like there’s creatures lurking on the other side of walls, having their own little adventures.

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